Baked Cookies

Baked Brownies

Cookie Dough

Dough-to-Go manufactures a variety of high quality bakery products for  foodservice distributors west of the Rockies.  Products include cookie dough, baked cookies, scone dough, baked scones, brownies, bars, cinnamon rolls, sticky buns, pie shells, coffee cakes, and a large variety of holiday items.  Products are made in a variety of sizes.  But, please note, not all flavors are available in all sizes.  If you would like to become a distributor or to find one in your area, please call us (408) 727-4094


Available In:   

Baked, Individually Wrapped, Pre-Portioned Cookie Dough or Bulk Cookie Dough

Made With:   

Butter, Trans-Fat Free Margarine, Oil or Blends

Portion Sizes:   

1.33oz, 2oz, 3oz, 4oz


Chocolate Chip Chocolate Chip with Nuts Milk Chocolate Chip
Milk Chocolate Chip with Nuts Creamy Macaroon Double Chocolate Chip w/nuts
Doube Chocolate Chip Orange Almond Apricot Nut
Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cinnamon Sugar (Snickerdoodle) Chocolate Chunk
Roll Out Cookie Cutter Dough Candy Cookie Mint Chocolate Chip
Macadamia Vanilla Chip Vanilla Chip Lemon
Butterscotch Chip Old Fashion Spice Peanut Butter
Peanut Butter with Peanuts Lemon Coconut Butter Pecan
Oatmeal Raisin Oatmeal Almond Coconut
Triple Chocolate Walnut Sugar Cookie Molasses



Available In:   

Baked or Pre-Portioned Raw


Traditional Quarter Circle, Chunky Drop Scones

Portion Sizes:   

2oz, 4oz


Blueberry Cranberry Orange Currant
Orange Almond Apricot Pineapple Plain
Apple Raisin Mixed Berry  


Brownies, Bars & Shortbread

Espresso Chocolate Macadamia Double Chocolate Walnut Chewy Brownie
Frosted Chewy Brownie Blondies Raspberry Shortbread Bars
Apple Shortbread Lemon Shortbread  


Sweet Rolls

Cinnamon Rolls (2.5oz, 6.5oz)   

Sticky Buns (3.5oz, 8oz)


Holiday Cookies


Undecorated, Colored Sugar Sprinkles, Half Chocolate Dipped, Full Chocolate Dipped, Fancy Swirls, Hand Decorated


1oz, 2oz


Christmas Tree Valentine Heart Easter Egg
Easter Bunny & Carrots Shamrock Thanksgiving Turkey
Halloween Pumpkin Spring/Summer Butterfly Spring/Summer Flower
Autumn Leaves 4th of July Stars Christmas Gingerbread
Halloween Skeletons Hanukkah Star & Dreidel Purim Hamantashen

*Please note that flavors may not be available in every sizes or product variation*



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